the Phoenix Throne

Wilhelm's week in Baldur's Gate

Wilhelm came to the city a journeyman mage, having left his home in rustic Scornubel. The barge on which he rode the river Chionthar to Baldur’s Gate delivered him to the East Gate, and he wandered in, with only the faintest notions of where to go for work, for shelter, and for hints of his future. His first act of impulse brought him to the foot of the Wizard Ragefast’s tower, where he was directed to the Magister of Magic in the Court; Galvin Lhal. Without ado, Wilhelm sought out the Magister, and after brief interview was offered a place amongst the agents of the Court, as a Naturalist- given his skill at capturing wildlife with the quill & ink- and as a mariner, aboard the flagship, Falcon.

Wilhelm took full advantage of his astonishing access to the Court’s Library of magical tomes, greatly expanding his knowledge of spells practically each day he was in the city. His progress was held up only by exigencies, such as the discovery of a wererat den in the wharf district, and a chance sighting of the Prince of the Urchins, Saladdin; from each encounter he emerged a little more alert, and a little more renowned; for it seemed with each passing day that being a mage on the city’s behalf came with a certain prestige and reputation.

At a chance encounter one evening, prior to his setting sail aboard the Falcon for lands south and westward, Wilhelm spied the urchin prince Saladdin, pilfering jewelry from the nobles at a soiree in Captain Caldorien’s honor. Giving chase, determined not to be bested twice by the rapscallion, Wilhelm shot the boy thief with arcane darts, wounding him, and leading to his capture by the High Magister Feldspar, in whose Manor the soiree was being held.

It was revealed that the boy thief was the long lost scion of the Tethyr crown, thought to have been abolished in a storm of assassinations a decade ago; having lived and vanished as a mere boy into the alleys of Baldur’s Gate, he now finds his Great Grand Uncle Winthrop Feldspar advocating his restoration to the Tethyr throne, while Cyriana, the mastermind of the assassinations of his family, now redoubles her efforts to have the boy slain.

Initiated into the intrigues surrounding Saladdin, by dint of his having become himself enmeshed, Wilhelm was glad to be clear of Baldur’s Gate the day the Falcon set sail; for though he’d made friends there during his week in the city, and though he’d learned a great deal, and secured a chance at a real future as a wizard in the Heartlands’ greatest city on the Sword Coast, the astonishing velocity of his destiny the past week, had quite exhausted his meager social patience. Finding himself finally aboard the Falcon, headed out to sea, he looked forward to a long stretch of time, spent in study, seeing the wide world far beyond his home, and honing his skills as a Naturalist, as an Invoker, and as an adventurer.

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